The Slim by Design Movement is about taking small actions in the five places that booby-trap most of our eating: our home, our favorite restaurants, our corner grocery store, our office, and our child’s school lunchroom. As we’ve gotten older, wiser, and lazier, we’ve gradually arranged our homes to make our favorite tasty foods easier to find and eat. So have our favorite restaurants, grocery stores, workplaces, and where our kids go to school. It’s been happening all around us! It has all helped to make us “fat by design.”

The Slim by Design Movement is about solutions—concrete, actionable solutions that the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab has developed, tested, analyzed, and tweaked in dozens of towns and cities across the United States and abroad.

To make your life slim by design, you don’t have to change the whole world. Just focus on these five places or zones. You can think globally, but you eat locally. All you need to do is to 1) change what you do in each of these places and 2) let them know how they could help you eat less and eat better.

For each location or zone, there’s a starter 10-point scorecard that will give you an initial idea of whether these places are making you slim or fat. There are also specific steps you can make to change things. Best yet, you don’t need any special skills to make these changes. All you need to know is what to do–and how to ask all of these places and people around you to help.

Why Would These Places Change?

Because they’ll make more money. Some of the changes you ask them to make will bring in new customers; other changes will keep them from losing you. A restaurant doesn’t want you to eat across the street; a grocery store doesn’t want you to shop down the road; and your company doesn’t want you to start sending out resumes during lunch time. Nothing can make these places change faster than believing they can help make you slim and happy while they make money.

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